ONTYTE™ Magnetic Stirrup & Boot System

Ride better when you know your stirrups will always be there!

ONTYTE was founded on and is driven by a mission to enable all riders to improve their performance and riding enjoyment through innovative, high quality products, while remaining committed to the safety and wellbeing of both the horse and rider.

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ONTYTE Stirrups: How It Works

  • Our Technology

    ONTYTE provides an optimum level of non-binding magnetic grip between the stirrup footpad and boot sole, founded on an idea to help riders improve their stability and riding enjoyment.

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  • Compatability

    Riding boots can be easily resoled with the OnTyte™ Precision Placement Boot Sole by a skilled cobbler or shoe repair shop, and we work with most custom bootmakers who will fit OnTyte soles during production.

  • For Every Rider

    After testing early prototypes, it was proven that the magnetic system provided a range of performance benefits not only to amateur and occasional riders, but also to those at the highest levels of equestrian sport.

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